Mobile Marketing

The growth of the mobile device in the past few years has been nothing short of astounding. Only in 2014, the amount of mobile devices in circulation worldwide surpassed the number of people living on this planet.

Another recent study by mobile insurance showed that the average person spends 90 minutes a day on their phone. This adds up to nearly 4 years of your life! With so much of the global population using the mobile platform, it’s only natural to see that why mobile marketing must be so important.


“With mobile marketing, marketers can deliver highly personalised and relevant information and calls to action to consumers” – Michael Becker (2008).

Mobile marketing is personal, I know I can remember when a person asks to use my phone and I feel uncomfortable by the notion. It is interactive, companies like IKEA have created apps that are an augmented reality and the whole store can be seen through a mobile device. It is also time relevant and location independent, I’ve drove into a new town and I’ve seen my mobile recommend the closest cinemas with a movie playing based on my interests before. It’s almost frightening how accurate mobile marketing can be.

IKEA’s catalogue app – An Augmented Reality 



The current trend with everything being accessible on a mobile device is, consumers expect to be able to find out everything about a product or brand through the internet. A simple Google search gets the customer in touch with everything a company has to offer. Knowing this, businesses should have all the information about their products available online. Customers don’t need to go into stores anymore, they have all the information on their mobile devices available to them 24/7, why not take advantage of that?


The IKEA catalogue app that allows customers to see furniture as if they were actually in the store was highly successful, gaining over 6 million downloads from the app store. Not only that, users spent 8 minutes with the app, as opposed to up to 3 minutes with a catalogue. Click here to see how the IKEA app works.

With mobile marketing already have incredible success with many brands, it is fair to say that it’s the way of the future and traditional marketing methods are going out of fashion.



3 thoughts on “Mobile Marketing

  1. Your comments on augmented reality are really interesting! I’ve only read about them from a games perspective (Pokemon GO, anyone?) but it’s definitely something that has a lot of potential for retail and design.

    The amount of time spent on mobile phones each day was also startling. Maybe it’s because people are able to do so many different things on their phones: read news, watch shows, listen to music and they’re doing all that on the one device instead of multiple ones?

    Again, thanks for interesting read!


  2. carlxuhaohui says:

    I agree your thoughts a lot. There is a clear increase trend of mobile marketing in our lives. it brings a lot of fun to us. However, do you think it takes lots of our time and we sometimes have to spend plenty of hours on them everyday? How do you think about its inconvenience and disadvantages?

    Anyway, I really like the article you posted.


  3. Hey there, great blog here! Did not know we spent 90 minutes on average on our mobile phones, I always thought it was longer 😉
    Anyhow, I wanted to know how an upcoming SME can make use of mobile marketing OR if it is even relevant?

    Cheers and thanks in advance 🙂


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